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A Lion's Pride by Eve Langlais (0) Agent of Hel by Jacqueline Carey (0) Air Bear Shifters by Sloane Meyers (0) Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart by Anna Lowe (0) Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire by Anna Lowe (0) Alpha & Omega by Patricia Briggs (0) Alpha Bear Princes by Lily Cahill (0) Alpha Billion-Were by Georgette St. Clair (0) Alpha Force by Linda O. Johnston (0) Alpha Phoenix by Isadora Montrose (0) Alpha Prime by Georgette St. Clair (0) Alpha Protectors by Olivia Arran (0) An Accidental Alchemist by Gigi Pandian (0) Anthology (101) Argeneau by Lynsay Sands (0) Awakened Dragons by Terry Bolryder (0) Awakened Sea Dragons by Terry Bolryder (0) Bachelor Bears of Yakima Ridge by Isadore Montrose (0) Bad Boys by Susan Arden (0) Bannon & Clare by Lilith Saintcrow (0) Base Camp Bears by Amelia Jade (0) Bear Claw Security by Terry Bolryder (0) Bear Creek Biker Bears by Harony Raines (0) Bear Fursuits by Isadora Montrose (0) Bear Haven by Terry Bolryder (0) Bear Valley Shifters by T. S, Joyce (0) Bears Fur Hire by T. S. Joyce (0) Bears of Pinerock County by Zoe Chant (0) Beartooth Brotherhood by Bella Love-Wins (0) Bewitched by the Bear by V. Vaughn (0) Big Apple Shifters by Cynthia Fox (0) Billionaire Mate-Maker by Scarlett Grove (0) Bitten Point by Eve Langlais (0) Black Knights by Julie Ann Walker (0) Black Meadow Pack by Milly Taiden (0) Black Mesa Wolves by J.K. Harper (0) Black Swan by Alyssa Day (0) Blue Moon Saloon by Anna Lowe (0) Bluff Bears by Amelia Jade & Terra Wolf (0) Boarlander Bears by T. S. Joyce (0) Bodyguard Shifters by Zoe Chant (0) Boston Dragons by Ashlyn Chase (0) Boxed Sets (0) Breeds by Lora Leigh (0) Bride Hunt by Charlene Hartnady (0) Canyon Hollow Shifters by Terra Wolf & Meredith Clarke (0) Carpathian by Christine Feehan (2) Catamount Lion Shifters by J. H. Croix (0) Cedar Hills Lions by Zoe Chant (0) Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill (0) Christmas Bears by Harmony Raines (0) Christmas Valley Shifters by Zoe Chant (0) City Shifters By Layla Nash (0) Claimed by the Pack by Kimber White (0) Clan Conroy Brides by Emma Alisyn (0) Cobalt Dragons by Amelia Jade (0) Colbana Files by J. C. Daniels (0) Company of Rogues by Jo Beverley (0) Crimson Dragons by Amelia Jade (0) Dark/Were Hunter By Sherrilyn Kenyon (0) Date-A-Dragon by Terry Bolryder (0) Dawnclaw Alphas by Athena Wright (0) Deep Six by Julie Ann Walker (0) Desired by the Bear by V. Vaughn (0) Dirt Track Dogs 2nd Lap by P. Jameson (0) Dirt Track Dogs by P. Jameson (0) Disillusionist by Carolyn Crane (0) Drachen Mates by Milly Taiden (0) Dragon Blood by Elianne Adams (0) Dragon Cursed by Mia Hall (0) Dragon Guard by Julia Mills (0) Dragon Guard of Drakkaris by Terry Bolryder (0) Dragon Island Hideaway by Rinelle Grey (0) Dragon Kin by G. A. Aiken (0) Dragon Knights by Bianca D'Arc (0) Dragon Mates by J. K. Harper (0) Dragon Ruins by Rinelle Grey (0) Dragon's of Perralt by Sher Dillard (0) Dragonfire by Deborah Cooke (0) Dragonlands by Megg Jensen (0) Dragons by Robert Asprin & Jody Lynn Nye (0) Dragons of Cadia by Amelia Jade (0) Dragons of Drake's Crossing by Amelia Jade (0) Dragons of Eternity by Julie Wetzel (0) Dragons of New York by Terry Bolryder (0) Dragons of Preor by Celia Kyle & Erin Tate (0) Dresden by Jim Butcher (0) Echo's Wolf by Lia Silver (0) Elder Races by Thea Harrison (0) Elemental Mates by Zoe Chant (0) Elementals by Hanna Martine (0) Elite Force by Cathrine Mann (0) Emerald Dragons by Amelia Jade (0) Enchanted Inc by Shanna Swendson (0) Enforcer Bears by Zoe Chant (0) Exiled Dragons by Sarah J Stone (0) Fate Valley Mysteries by Scarlett Grove (0) Fated and Mated by Harmony Raines (0) Fated Hearts Club by Cecilia Lane (0) Fated Mate by Amelia Jade (0) FBI Psychics by Shiloh Walker (1) Felicity Falls Mates by Emma Alisyn (0) Finding Fatherhood by Kit Fawkes (0) Fire and Rescue Shifters by Zoe Chant (0) Fire Bear Shifters by Sloane Meyers (0) Fire Bears by T. S. Joyce (0) Firebears Brides by Anya Nowlan (0) Firecats by P. Jameson (0) Fly by Night by Yasmine Galenorn (0) Forces of Nature by Vivian Arend (0) Frost Brothers' Brides by Anya Nowlan (0) Genesis Valley by Amelia Jade (0) Ghost Cat Shifters by J. H. Croix (0) Ghost Seer by Robin D. Owens (0) Ghostwalkers by Christine Feehan (0) Glacier Leopards by Zoe Chant (0) Graham Pack Mates by Annmarie McKenna (0) Granite Lake Wolves by Vivian Arend (0) Gray's Hallow Dragon Shifters by Zoe Chant (0) Grayslake by Celia Kyle (0) Grey Back Bears by T. S. Joyce (0) Grey Wolf by Ilona Andrews (0) Greyelf Grizzlies by Ivy Sinclair (0) Grizzly Cove by Bianca D'Arc (0) Guardians of The Stars by Kim Faulks (0) Half-Moon Hollow by Molly Harper (0) Harper's Mountains by T. S. Joyce (0) Have not finished yet (0) Heart of Jaguar by Terry Spear (1) Heart of the Cougar by Terry Spear (0) Heart of the Wolf by Terry Spear (0) Hells Canyon Shifters by T. S. Joyce (0) Her Dragon's Bane by Harmony Raines (0) Hidden Legacy by Ilona Andrews (0) Hollywood Shifters by Zoe Chant (0) Honey for the Billionbear by Zoe Chant (0) Horsemen by Sharon Ashwood (0) Ice Bear Shifters by Sloane Meyers (0) Ice Dragons by Amelia Jade (0) Innkeeper by Ilona Andrews (0) Insatiable by Rachel E. Rice (0) Iron Seas by Meljean Brook (3) Jade Calhoun by Deanna Chase (0) Jane True by Nicole Peeler (0) Jane Yellowrock by Faith Hunter (0) Jessica McClain by Amanda Carlson (0) JustissAlliance by Tina Wainscott (0) Kane's Mountains by T. S. Joyce (0) Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews (0) Keeper of Dragons by J. A. Culican (0) Kindle Worlds: One True Mate (0) Kings of Fire by Lily Cahill (0) Kitty Norville by Carrie Vaughn (0) Kodiak Point by Eve Langlais (0) L'Ange by Mary Calmes (0) League by Sherrilyn Kenyon (0) Lee County Wolves by Teresa Gabelman (0) Leopard People by Christine Feehan (0) Lions of Pride Island by Terry Bolryder (0) Lords of the Dragon Islands by Isadora Montrose (0) Lost Dragons by Zoe Chant (0) Lupi by Eileen Wilks (0) Lupinski Clan by Emmy Gatrell (0) Mageverse by Angela Knight (0) Magic by Cheyenne McCray (0) Magnus Pack by Shelly Laurenston (-1) Majesty's Psychic Service by P.N. Elrod (0) Mates & Macarons by Ellis Leigh (0) Mating Game by Georgette St. Clair (0) Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs (0) Miami Scorcher by Savannah Suart (0) Midnight Liaisons by Jessica Sims (0) Midnight, Texas by Charlaine Harris (0) Montana Dragons by Chloe Cole (0) Montana Wild Bears by Anya Nowlan (0) Montana Wolves by Chloe Cole (0) Moon Shifters by Katie Reus (0) Moonstone Harbor Shifters by Cynthia Fox (0) Mystic Bay by Isadora Montrose (0) Night Prince by Jeaniene Frost (0) Nightmare Dragons by Terry Bolryder (0) Non Series (0) Onyx Dragons by Amelia Jade (0) Otherworlds by Yasmine Galenorn (0) Ouachita Mountain Shifters by P. Jameson (0) Outlaw Shifters by T. S. Joyce (0) Ozark Mountain Shifters by P. Jameson (0) Palm Haven Shifters by Sennah Tate (0) Paranormal Dating Agency by Milly Taiden (0) partially-read (0) Peculiar Occurrences by Pip Ballantine (1) Phoenix Fire by Cynthia Eden (0) Polar Heat by Terry Bolryder (0) Pride By Shelly Laurenston (4) Prime by Andie Devaux (0) Protect and Serve by Kate SeRine (0) Protection, Inc by Zoe Chant (0) Psy-Changeling by Nalini Singh (0) Puck Bear Brides by Anya Nowlan (0) Purgatory by Cynthis Eden (0) Raging Falls by Milly Taiden (0) Red Dead Mayhem by T. S. Joyce (0) Red Havoc Panthers by T. S. Joyce (0) Redwood Dragons by Sloane Meyers (0) Redwood Pack by Carrie Ann Ryan (0) Rent-A-Dragon by Terry Bolryder (0) Return of the Dragons by Rinelle Grey (0) Return to Bear Bluff by Harmony Raines (0) Return to Bear Creek by Harmony Raines (0) Ridgeback Bears by Amelia Jade (0) Ridgeville by Celia Kyle (0) Rockfort Security by Rebecca York (0) Rocky Mountain Shifters by Susan Arden (0) Rowland Lions by Zoe Chant (0) Salem Creek Shifters by Zoe Chant (0) Salvation Pack by N. J. Walters (0) Sapient Salvation by Jayne Faith (0) Sassy Mates by Milly Taiden (0) Sassy Shifters Brides by Anya Nowlan (0) Savage Shifters by Milly Taiden (0) Saw Bears by T. S. Joyce (0) Scottish Werebear by Lorelei Moone (0) Second City Shifters by Lucy Lachance (0) Secrets of the Werebears by Sky Shifter (0) Series Started but will not Finish (0) Series started by not eanting to finish. (0) Shadowmen by Jennifer St. Giles (0) Shifter Date by Alma Black (0) Shifter Grove Brides by Anya Nowlan (0) Shifter Kingdom by Zoe Chant (0) Shifter Night by Charlene Hartnady (0) Shifter Squad Six by Anya Nowlan (0) Shifter Suspence by Zoe Chant (0) Shifters in Love Fun & Flirty Romance (0) Shifters in the Heart of Texas by Sloane Meyers (0) Shifters Unbound by Jennifer Ashley (0) Shifters Undercover by Milly Taiden (0) Shifters Unlimited by KH LeMoyne (0) Shifting Sands Resort by Zoe Chant (0) Sigma Menace by Marie Johnston (0) Silver Town Wolf by Terry Spear (0) Silver Wolf Clan by Ter Shanley (0) Silverbacks & Second Chances Harmony Raines (0) Silvertip Shifters by J.K. Harper (0) Sin Brothers by Rebecca Zanetti (0) Sisters of the Heart by Christine Feehan (0) Sold by Amira Rains (0) Soldier Bears by Terry Bolryder (0) Sons of Beasts by T. S. Joyce (0) Sookie by Charlaine Harris (0) South-One Bears by Olivia Arran (0) Spellmason by Anton Strout (0) SPI Files by Lisa Shearin (0) Spicy Shefters (0) started-will-never-finish (1) Stone Bears by Amelia Jade (0) Stone's Wolf Sanctuary by Teresa Gabelman (0) Stonefire Dragons by Jessie Donovan (0) String of Fate by Bianca D'Arc (0) SWAT by Paige Tyler (1) Sweetwater Brides by Anya Nowlan & Rory Dale (0) Takhini Shifters by Vivian Arend (0) Takhini Wolves by Vivian Arend (0) Tales of the Latter Kingdoms by Christine Pope (0) Tales of the Were by Bianca D'Arc (0) The Agency by Amelia Jade (0) The Alpha Billion-weres by Georgette St. Clair (-2) The Baskerville Affair by Emma Jane Holloway (0) The Bellum Sisters by T.A. Grey (0) The Callahan by Lora Leigh (0) The Chosen by Charlene Hartnady (0) The Dragon Realm by Selena Scott (0) The Enforcers by Teresa Gabelman (0) The Everson Brothers by Olivia Arran (0) The Iron Covenant by Ilona Andrews (0) The Johnson Clan by Terra Wolf (0) The Koche Brothers by Amelia Jade (1) The Others by Ann Bishop (0) The Program by Charlene Hartnady (0) The Protectors by Olivia Arran (0) The Protectors by Teresa Gabelman (0) The Shifter Games by Sloane Meyers (0) The Surrogates by Angela Foxxe (0) The Wolf Wanderers by Terra Wolf & Amelia Jade (0) The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch by Anna Lowe (0) Tiger Eye Mysteries by Alyssa Day (0) Tiger Protectors by Terry Bolryder (0) Tiger Tails by Celia Kyle (0) Top Scale Academy by Amelia Jade (0) Torch Lake Shifters by Sloane Meyers (0) Torpedo Ink by Christine Feehan (0) Trapped in Bear Canyon by Terry Bolryder (0) Treasure Lane Dragons by Anya Nowlan (0) Troubleshooters by Suzanne Brockmann (0) True Mates by Olivia Arran (0) Twenty-sided Sorceress by Annie Bellet (0) Ultimate Alpha by Terry Bolryder (0) Upson Downs by Zoe Chant (0) Urban Dwellers by Ivy Sinclair (0) Vanguard Elite by Annie Nicholas (0) Veteran Shifters by Zoe Chant (0) Walker Papers by C. E. Murphy (0) Warders by Mary Calmes (0) Water Bears by Sloane Meyers (0) Were Chronicles by Crissy Smith (0) Weredragon Warriors by Natalie Kristen (0) Whisper Hollow by Yasmine Galenorn (0) Who's the Daddy by Harmony Raines (0) Wild Lake Wolves by Kimber White (0) Wildcats by Rachel Vincent (0) will not finish (0) Winterset Coven by T. S. Joyce (0) Wolf Brides by T. S. Joyce (0) Wolf Investigations & Securities Inc. by Crystal Dawn (0) Wolf Protectors by Terry Bolryder (0) Wolf's Den by Aline Hunter (0) Wolves of Winter's Edge by T. S. Joyce (0) Works like Magick by Annette Blair (0) X-Ops by Paige Tyler (0) Zodiac Dragon Guardians by Kim Faulks (0)
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